Be a lawyer, it is Legal. I am already one anyway, and nobody! Nobody, I repeat would willingly miss the rarity and exclusivity of being a bona fide member of the noblest profession in the universe – the intellectual pantheon of learned super humans! I see a hand of exception up. Well, such ‘will’ must have ‘village statutory flavour’ robed in it. Those that feel injured by this insufferable show of pride may kindly hug the closest electricity transformer and be useful in our quest for constant power generation; blood is indeed thicker than water.

Let us sideline the bragging rights for now and use our heads. Now, the Headline: The call you just picked up is serious business. Kindly do not waste my airtime; pay undiluted attention dear reader. Let’s get started.

Results are out! Mixed feelings – jubilations, annoyance, regrets, lamentations, curses, comas, tears of joy and sorrow, and on goes the list of emotional occurrences. The Call later came through with photo shoots, immaculately new wigs and majestically symbolic gowns adorned with matching bibs, shoes and other relevant accessories. Fast-forward four days. The Call had been picked up. And Alas! A new era is heralded. A new phase of life unearths. The next stage of existence unfolds. But am I ready? Should I be ready? To what extent am I ready? Can I still be ready? Relax, but only for the span of this chat. Let us have a dispassionate tete-a-tete.

Dear new wig, this new point in our lives is arguably the most important part of our entire lifetime. It is the most sensitive at this stage because it is where we are now. And the truth is, this stage of life was reasonably foreseeable. But we have to admit how difficult the task of using our brains to think is. Let alone thinking constructively, foreseeing events, planning and mentally executing plans. The point here is, if you have not foreseen this stage previously and planned either fantastically or realistically towards it, my learned friend, you have not done well at all. You have been a disservice to yourself! Was it not primary school we were taught in sonorous nursery rhythms that he, who fails to plan, plans to fail? Why have you planned to fail?

But look! No way! You must have a rethink. You cannot afford to fail twice. Better late than never. This stage of life requires you to take the following steps now or never:


Upon obtaining those two certificates in your hands, your journey has only begun. The use of ‘journey’ here is intentional as symbols of transportation will be deployed effectively.
The journey after the Call is a compulsory one. You do not choose whether to embark on it or not. This is because any delay or stagnation you drown yourself in is already a part of your journey and a significant one at that. The standard unit of this lifetime trip is time which never pauses. On this post-call journey, the following questions must be answered:

=> What do I want to achieve through the legal profession?

=>Where is my ultimate destination?

=>Why is that my ultimate destination?

=> Am I capable of embarking on this trip?

=>What route(s) is/are the best for this trip?

=>What is the duration of my trip?

=>Where is/are my stop-overs?

=>What tools do I need for this trip?

=>Do I have these tools now?

=>How soon do I need to get these tools?

And the burning questions go on and on.

This marks the end of Episode 1 of this call. The next episode comes your way soonest. But before then, let your thinking faculties be set for a serious work out. In fact, it must begin now.

Stay riveted.


Author: ehinslegal

The Law is not all about me but I am all about the Law!

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